Coming July 19, 2011

“ A fantastical puzzle of mystery upon mystery set against the
broad tapestry of a fierce, diabolical running battle that actually culminates in heaven and hell. I defy anybody to put this one down!”
--David Hagberg, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of THE EXPEDITER

"The Knowledge of Good & Evil is a tough, savory, formidable thriller."
- -Steve Berry, NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling author

"One of the most intriguing tales of the decade."
--Clive Cussler, NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author of THE WRECKER

A work of fiction based on actual people, places, events, and revelations

On December 4, 1968, world-famous theologian Father Louis Merton visited the ancient Dead City of Polonnaruwa, Ceylon, entered the Cave of the Spirits of Knowledge, and experienced a vision.  It’s claimed he found a backdoor to the Afterlife.  That he looked into the Mind of God and escaped with a Secret so powerful it could change all humanity.  Bring wars to a standstill.  End forever the age-old hatreds between races, creeds and cultures. 

Six days later as Merton prepared to announce his discovery at a religious conference, he suffered a horrific death under mysterious circumstances.  But the Secret did not die with him.  He left behind a journal.     

Years after, beautiful psychologist Angela Weber and her troubled fiancé, Ian Baringer, are on the hunt for Merton’s long-lost journal and its door to the Afterlife.  Angela, an agnostic, wants to help Ian heal the wounds of a traumatic childhood plane crash that took the lives of his parents.  Ian, a defrocked priest, no longer trusts in religion’s promise of eternal life.  He must know for certain if he will ever see his parents again, driven to find out firsthand what lies Beyond, and what it holds for mankind.  

Together, Angela and Ian will plunge headlong into a global chase, pursued by a shadowy cult, dead bodies and destruction in their wake.  If Ian and Angela succeed, they will defy the gates of heaven and hell to learn a secret hidden from the world since the dawn of time . . .

The Knowledge of Good & Evil.

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